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Blazing Briquette Logs PalletBlazing Briquette Logs Pallet

Blazing Briquette Logs

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Round wood briquette logs, Full pallet, 96 packs, 960 kg.
€ 385,00
€ 385,00

Blazing Briquette Logs Full Pallet.
Round wood briquette logs, solid cylinder, extremely dense and long burning, made of mixed soft and hardwood species of wood. These eco logs have exceptional burning and heat performance and burn very long due to their density and heavy mass per single log. The log burns with consistent heat and lovely glow for hours. Unlike other cylinder shaped logs out on the market this log Does Not expand and can be burnt without breaking it into pieces, does not disintegrate and maintains its shape while burning, no mess and no ashes coming out of the grate when you open your stove door. You would need to build strong fire in order to get them going at first.

  • Made of mixed hardwood and softwood, No artificial additives, No chemicals, CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly;
  • Long lasting due to their extreme dense structure, high heat output, low moisture content below 10% that gives you 30-40% higher heat compared to seasoned firewood;
  • Spark free, smokeless fuel;
  • Easy to store, very compact and clean fuel;
  • Very low ash residue and whatever is left after burning can be used as a fertilizer for your gardening needs;
  • High heat: 19,5 MJ/kg gross calorific value;
  • Almost no expansion during burning;
  • Suitable for closed appliances and open fires.


  • 96 packs on a pallet, 960 kg, 480 wood briquette logs, shrink wrapped;
  • Weight of each bale is approx. 10 kg
  • 5 briquettes in a pack;
  • Briquette shape: cylinder, size: W 9 cm, L 27 cm. Each briquette weighs 2 kg.