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Nielsen hardwood briquette logs 84 BoxesNielsen hardwood briquette logs 84 Boxes

Nielsen Hardwood Briquette Logs

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Nielsen Hardwood Briquette Logs, 10 kg cardboard box.
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Nielsen Hardwood Briquette Logs.
Cylinder shaped wood briquettes, made on original Danish C.F. Nielsen briquetting press from mixed hardwood. These hardwood briquettes are mechanically pressed, very dense, burn long and consistent with hot flame, with smaller diameter around 60 mm (thinner) that our Blazing briquette logs, suitable even for smaller stoves.


  • Very hot ~ 20 MJ/kg gross calorific value;
  • Very low moisture <10%
  • Ash content 0.7%, can be used as a fertilizer in the garden
  • High density of 1,180 kg/m3
  • Suitable for stoves and open fires;
  • FSC Certified
  • High heat: 19,5 MJ/kg gross calorific value;
  • Size and packaging:

    Cardboard box 10 kg

    • 10 logs per box
    • Each box measures 320x310x130 mm
    • Each log measures 60 mm diameter and 280-300 mm length
    • A full pallet is made of 84 boxes, 840 logs, ~ 840 kg pallet weight.
    • Half pallet is made of 42 boxes, ~ 420 kg.

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