The eco logs are an Eco fuel that produces more energy per weight than regular firewood. This renewable wood fuel has less moisture content and thus is a more efficient home heating source than firewood. The compressed heat logs have moisture content less than 10% which is at least 3 times less than the moisture content in seasoned firewood (20% - 30%).

The lower moisture content in the eco heat logs - wood briquettes makes them warmer eco fuel, producing more warmth on weight for weight basis than natural firewood. Lower moisture means less tar build up in your chimneys and stoves, which effectively increases the operational lifetime of your wood burning appliance.

It is unwise to use Wet and unseasoned firewood as it would lead to creosote build up. Wet firewood produces less heat as most of the burning energy would be used to evaporate the water from the logs and not to heat up the appliance. Freshly chopped firewood would have water content over 50% (except for some hardwood types of wood, which might have moisture content between 35% - 50% when freshly felled - green).

Wood briquette logs have guaranteed moisture content below 10%, produce higher heat and lower creosote, lower ash, burn hotter and cleaner, therefore deemed safer for your wood burning appliances. The Eco heat logs can bring you savings in the overall heating cost and instead of ordering a truck load of moist firewood you can produce equal amount of heat from just a pallet of heat logs.

Buying cheaper firewood with excessive moisture content will not convert into savings, but in fact will bring more troubles for your chimneys and stoves as  a result of increased tar build up and reduced amount of heat per kg of fuel. Firewood with high moisture content will not produce the necessary heat during cold days. It is recommended to use firewood with maximum moisture of 20% or below to ensure your stove is operating clean and you are getting required heat output. 


Wood Fuel Type  eco logs alternative to firewood  seasoned firewood
Moisture 6% 25%
Net Heat Output 4.85 KWh/kg 3.83 KWh/kg


Higher density in the eco logs, lower moisture content as well as high calorific value per kg will bring you better value for your money and you will enjoy longer burning time and more efficient heating energy. Lower moisture inside the Eco logs makes them spark-free home heating fuel as well, burning safer and with better efficiency. The production process of compressing natural wood shavings and sawdust under extreme pressure and thermal heat makes the wood briquettes denser fuel with 2 - 4 times higher heat output than regular firewood, thus one would need fewer Eco fire logs to achieve the same heat.

Get ready for the cold winter days and bring warmth in your home with our wood briquettes fuel. We stock a few types of heat logs for sale to be used in various wood burning appliances, get in touch and we can recommend the best type of eco friendly heat logs to suit the size of the stove and recommended burning performance. To shop conveniently for Eco logs please visit our Online shop for Eco friendly alternatives to firewood.