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Premium Hardwood Briquettes: Eco-Friendly Wood Fuel

RUF Oak Wood Briquettes

€ 749.00
€ 749.00
€ 665.00
-€ 84.00
RUF Oak Wood Briquettes brick shaped eco logs Free Delivery All Ireland

Mini RUF Oak Briquettes

€ 735.00
€ 735.00
Mini RUF Oak briquettes small oak heat logs Free Delivery All Ireland

Nestro Oak Heat Logs

€ 739.00
€ 739.00
€ 659.00
-€ 80.00
Nestro Oak Heat Logs long lasting round wood briquettes Free Delivery All Ireland
pini kay briquettes
rocket blaze pini kay heat logs

Pini Kay Briquettes

€ 799.00
€ 799.00
€ 759.00
-€ 40.00
Pini Kay wood briquettes, hot flame oak heat logs Free Delivery All Ireland

Experience the exceptional warmth generated by our all-natural eco logs crafted from 100% wood, free from any artificial additives. Shop for premium Hardwood Briquettes, Ireland's favourite stove fuel, boasting superior high heat output, sustainability, and convenience. These eco-friendly wood fuel alternatives serve as an environmentally conscious choice for both stoves and open fires, surpassing traditional firewood and fossil fuels. Featuring very low moisture content (below 10%) and very low ash content, our eco logs outshine traditional firewood as a superior biofuel.

Select your preferred eco logs, we'll deliver them hassle-free to your doorstep. Choose from our range of hardwood Pini Kay wood briquettes and RUF wood briquettes, designed for small to medium-sized stoves, or opt for Nestro hardwood heat logs, ideal for open fires and larger stoves.

Curious to test our wood fuels? No worries - grab a of of our wood briquettes and wood wool firelighters, and enjoy complimentary delivery to your door.

Every eco fuel in our is eco-friendly, sourced from wood derived from sustainable forests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Wood Briquettes

  • How do I choose between the different types of wood briquettes?

    • Consider your stove size and heating needs. Pini Kay briquettes are ideal for smaller stoves, while RUF wood briquettes may suit medium to large ones, and Nestro heat logs are ideal for larger stoves and open fires.

  • Can I use wood briquettes in an open fireplace?

    • Certain wood briquettes, like Nestro hardwood heat logs, are designed for open fires, providing a longer burning time and consistent heat output.

  • What makes the heat logs an eco-friendly fuel option?

    • Wood briquettes are environmentally friendly because they are made entirely of wood, contain no artificial additives, and adhere to sustainable forestry practices.

  • How do wood briquettes compare to traditional firewood?

    • Wood briquettes typically provide higher heat output, have very low moisture content, low ash content, making them a cleaner and more efficient option than traditional firewood.

  • Do wood briquettes contribute to reducing carbon footprint?

    • Yes, the use of wood briquettes can positively impact the environment by contributing to a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional fuels.

  • Can wood briquettes be stored for an extended period?

    • Wood briquettes can be stored for an extended period, but it's advisable to store them in a dry and well-ventilated area to maintain their quality.

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