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Wood briquettes

Great heat from all natural eco logs made from 100% wood with no artificial additives. Shop for wood briquettes with superior high heat output, an eco-friendly wood fuel alternative to firewood and fossil fuels, suitable for stoves and open fires.  The eco logs are packed in individual packs of 10 kg, shrink wrapped with plastic foil.
Our wood briquettes have approx. calorific value of 20 MJ or 5 KWh per kg. One 10 kg bale equals approx. 5 L of Heating Oil and it is CO2 neutral fuel, conforming to European standards for solid bio fuels.
The eco logs have very low moisture content, below 10% and ash content less than 1%, which makes them superior bio fuel to the traditional firewood.

Pick your desired eco logs and we will deliver hassle free to your door on the next business day.

Willing to try our wood fuels first? No problem, pick up a of our wood briquettes and wood wool firelighters and we will deliver it free to your door.

All eco fuels in our are eco friendly, made from wood derived from sustainable forests.



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Rocket Blaze Wood Briquettes

€ 0,00
€ 0,00
Rocket Blaze Wood Briquettes, Pini Kay eco logs, non-expanding, high calorific heat logs. Free Delivery All Ireland

Blazing Briquette Logs

€ 0,00
€ 0,00
Round wood briquette logs, long burning heat logs. Free Delivery All Ireland

Birch Hardwood RUF Briquettes

€ 0,00
€ 0,00
Birch Hardwood RUF Briquettes, great for stoves and open fires. Free Delivery All Ireland
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