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Wood Briquettes

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Hot wood briquettes, eco logs, premium firewood and firelighters delivered to your door

Welcome to, run by Prima Eco Fuels. We deliver Eco friendly eco fuels to Irish homes since 2009, one of the longest established e-commerce suppliers of quality eco logs - Pini Kay wood briquettes, Nestro heat logs, RUF wood briquettes, compressed sawdust logs, premium olive wood firewood and wood wool firelighters for home heating in Ireland with fast Nationwide delivery. We supply high calorific wood briquettes also known as eco briquettes, made of 100% wood with no artificial additives and no chemicals, with very low moisture content and high heat output. Our heat logs are perfect and superior alternative to firewood, suitable for stoves, open fires, fire pits. Our eco firelighters are odor and chemical free, suitable for use even in BBQ and food preparation.

Embracing Heat logs in Ireland for Eco-Friendly Fuel solutions

In the heart of Ireland, where cosy fires are a staple, an eco-friendly heating alternative is becoming increasingly popular: compressed wood logs. These eco logs, specifically crafted for wood stoves, are growing in popularity for their eco-friendly qualities and efficient performance.

The compressed logs for wood stoves and open fires, often referred to as heat logs, are a game-changer in the world of home heating. They are manufactured by compressing sawdust and wood chips, creating dense logs that burn longer and cleaner than traditional firewood.

What sets these logs apart is their renewable nature. Crafted from recycled wood by-products, they align perfectly with Ireland's commitment to sustainability. As the demand for environmentally conscious options grows, so does the popularity of compressed wood logs in Irish households.

Aside from their green credentials, these heat logs offer practical benefits. They burn consistently, providing a reliable source of heat, and their cleaner combustion reduces emissions and maintenance. Their compact form also makes storage a breeze, appealing to those with limited space.

As the buzz around compressed heat logs in Ireland continues, it's clear that the warmth of Irish homes is now intertwined with a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

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