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pini kay briquettesPini Kay Briquettes

Pini Kay Briquettes

Pini Kay wood briquettes, hot flame oak heat logs
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Pini Kay wood briquettes Rocket Blaze® made of oak hardwood, burning with very hot flame, producing exceptional heat output due to the center hole providing extra air flow to sustain the combustion process. The pini kay oak heat logs are very dense and stay intact, do not swell nor expand while burning, easy to stack and do not roll inside the stove burning chamber. The pini kay wood briquettes are extruded type of eco logs, produced under extreme pressure and heat, therefore the logs appear somehow charred on the outside and are less prone to absorb atmospheric moisture.

Pini kay heat logs are the hottest and one of the best wood briquettes on the market, extremely easy to start up on fire and sustain great flame in any burning appliance, provide instant heat. Especially good for stoves with back boilers and cookers that require instant boost of heat to bring them quickly up to operation temperature. The log has hexagon shape with center hole for better combustion. They are easy to ignite, burn with high flame at the beginning and then glow for the rest of the burning time and give out great energy and heat. The hole in the middle ensures an optimum combustion and provides extra air needed for burning especially in stoves with low ventilation or when the air input has been restricted, therefore providing steady heat in any setup. The Rocket Blaze® pini kay wood briquettes Do Not expand and remain in the same shape during the burning process. Once the fire is established the user can reduce the airflow to suppress the high flames and to achieve glowing rather than uncontrolled high flame burning.

  • Made from mainly oak hardwood clean sawdust - very dense and producing high heat, No artificial additives used;
  • FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council), wood traced back to well managed forests;
  • CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly;
  • Spark free, smokeless fuel for home heating;
  • Easy to store, very compact;
  • Gross calorific value - 5.39 KWh/kg or 8.98 KWh per single log
  • Ash content - 1.32%
  • Size and packaging:

    • 10 kg strapped and shrink wrapped, 12x Pini kay wood briquettes per pack, shape: hexagon with center hole;
    • Log dimensions: 6.5 cm Dia, 23 cm long;
    • Full pallet is made of 96 packs, 1152 briquettes ~ 960 kg pallet weight.
    • Half pallet is made of 48 packs, ~ 480 kg.
    • Mini pallet is made of 24 packs, ~ 240 kg.
    • Sample bundle is made of 2 packs, ~ 20 kg.

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