Carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emitted in the atmosphere as a result of human activities, often associated with the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas, etc. Burning fossil fuels for heating purposes contributes to the emission of CO2 gas in the atmosphere and ultimately to climate change. Every household and business contributes to the global greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, which comes in different shapes and forms. At home we consume different types of energy to accommodate our day to day lifestyle - heating of homes, to power up domestic appliances. We consume various products like foods, clothing, domestic accessories and eventually recycle the waste after all. On a daily basis we use different modes of transport, use and provide services. All of the above comes into shape of the carbon footprint we leave after all our human activity, direct or indirect and contributes to the global warming effect. With the help of this carbon footprint calculator you can calculate and measure the amount of carbon emissions and your overall carbon footprint. It is very important to raise awareness of the negative impact of the greenhouse emissions and find solutions to reduce the carbon footprint.

Carbon footprint calculator to manage your carbon footprint