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Premium Olive wood firewood, well seasoned, Sun dried Mediterranean olive firewood with very low moisture below 15%, very high calorific value and long lasting properties. The olive wood is one of the hardest wood out there, very heavy and dense, harder and better even than oak and beech as a firewood, it produces higher heat and lasts longer, which means it is more economical than other woods, one would achieve great fire with fewer logs. Due to the fact that olive wood is rich on oils, the firewood from it is also very aromatic and emits lovely aroma while burning, and as well as being very good for open fires and stoves for home heating, it is fantastic firewood choice for cooking in cookers, pizza ovens, BBQs and wood smokers. The olive firewood gnarled shaped logs bring special character to your open fire and fireplace, the firewood logs are cut to less than 25 cm length to make them ideal size for most wood burning appliances.

Olive wood crate
Olive firewood logs

Olive Firewood Crate 400 kg

€ 360,00
€ 360,00
€ 340,00
-€ 20,00
Premium Olive Firewood Crate 400 kg, Sun dried Mediterranean olive hardwood. Free Delivery All Ireland

Olive Firewood Box 30 kg

€ 49,99
€ 49,99
Premium Olive Firewood Box 30 kg, Sun dried Mediterranean hardwood. Free Delivery All Ireland
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