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RUF Oak Wood BriquettesRUF Oak Wood Briquettes

RUF Oak Wood Briquettes

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RUF Oak Wood Briquettes brick shaped eco logs
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Efficient Heating RUF Oak Wood Briquettes from Ecologs, dense and non-expanding RUF hardwood brick shaped wood briquettes, made of clean hardwood oak sawdust, great for stoves and open fires, manufactured on original German RUF wood briquettes system. These are sustainable heating solution, economical alternative to our Pini Kay Rocket blaze wood briquettes.

The oak heat logs can be used in any wood burning appliance, but especially good for small to mid size stoves. These Hardwood oak eco logs are brick shaped, RUF type of heat logs, very well compressed. They are easy to ignite, burn with steady flame with long burning life.

Ruf Wood Briquettes are made from compressed sawdust and wood shavings, offering a clean and renewable energy source. What sets them apart is their high energy density, ensuring a longer burn time and consistent heat output. This makes them an ideal choice for heating your home, reducing the need for frequent refueling.

These briquettes also excel in convenience. Compact and uniform in size, they are easy to handle and store. Their low moisture content ensures a cleaner and more efficient burn.Whether you're using a fireplace, wood stove, or a biomass boiler, Ruf Wood Briquettes offer a versatile solution for various heating applications.


  • Made from 100% clean hardwood oak sawdust - very dense, no artificial additives;
  • FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council), wood traced back to well managed forests;
  • CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly;
  • Spark free, smokeless fuel for home heating;
  • Easy to store, very compact, dense blocks, stack up well on the fire grate;
  • Suitable even for smaller stoves
  • Low ash
  • Low moisture
  • High heat output
  • Wood fuel suitable for smaller stoves or bigger stoves, good for use in any wood burning appliances, open fires.

Size and packaging:

  • 10 kg plastic shrink wrapped packs, 12 logs per pack, log shape: brick, log size: L 15cm, W 6cm; H 9cm
  • A Full pallet is made of 96 packs, 1,152 logs, ~ 960 kg pallet weight.
  • Half pallet is made of 48 packs, ~ 480 kg.
  • Mini pallet is made of 24 packs, ~ 240 kg.
  • Sample bundle is made of 2 packs, ~ 20 kg.

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