Eco heat logs are new renewable source of heat for home heating, greener energy that brings many more benefits over traditional fossil fuels around Ireland and Europe.

One of the traditional solid fossil fuel - coal can be quite dirty to handle around the house, generates enormous amount of non-reusable ash that ads an extra weight on our bin and can have environmental impact from its usage.

In this case the Eco heat logs are fantastic alternative as they are very clean to handle, packed neatly and easy to store. The Eco heat logs or wood briquettes are made of 100% wood with no artificial additives, which makes them environmentally friendly. The Eco logs leave very little ash that can be used as a fertilizer after all, burn very hot and give out great heat. The low moisture content, which is under 10% makes the spark free. Burning Eco heat logs would help preserve the environment without the need to break your wallet. supply heat logs / wood briquettes all over Ireland. Please visit our Eco Logs Online Shop.