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Beech firewood logsBeech firewood logs ~ 25 cm

Beech firewood box 36L

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Premium Beech Firewood Box 36L, ~20kg, Sun dried Beech hardwood, avg. logs length ~25 cm

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€ 34.00
€ 34.00
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Beech firewood box 36 L, Mediterranean Sun dried beech hardwood. Ideal for home heating and cooking in open fires, stoves, cookers, fire pits, BBQs, wood smokers. Sun dried to very low moisture content (below 20%). Our beech logs are cut to size to fit regular stoves, with low moisture and high heat output value. The logs can be used for heating and cooking- ideal for pizza ovens. Average log size ~25 cm, Box weight ~20 kg, box dimensions 40cm x 30cm x 30cm. Free delivery Nationwide.
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