The rising prices of fossil fuels (e.g. heating oil) is pushing up the bills for home heating, and therefore we see many people opting for wood burning stoves and boilers, open fires and switching to wood briquettes or pellets as more economical and eco friendly - green alternative for heating homes.

The wood briquettes as a fuel alternative is good way to bring your heating cost down and at the same time preserve the environment as it is Eco friendly and CO2 neutral green fuel.

Many European Governments have introduced carbon tax in order to cut the greenhouse gas emissions. All carbon based fuels will be taxed and thus their price will go up. Wood briquettes as fuel is a new cheaper green alternative and EU Governments will encourage financially domestic and industrial users to switch to Eco friendly alternatives. Burning wood briquettes emits the same amount of CO2 as during the process of photosynthesis when wood as living plant absorbs CO2 from the air and consequently releases it back in the atmosphere. This is a cycle that repeats without increase of CO2 in the atmosphere.
Switching to wood burning stoves or boilers could be costly but savings will occur over a period of time using wood briquettes as cheaper and economical fuel alternative. Irish Government is also providing energy grants for Irish homes willing to switch to green - renewable energy based heating systems. For further information on that you can visit: Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).
Because of its dense structure and lower moisture compared to the regular firewood, they are very efficient and heat output from them is usually 2 to 4 times higher than the ordinary firewood. The wood briquettes can be used in wood burning stoves and open fires. When the winter days are over you can even enjoy your BBQ fired on 100% natural wood briquettes, which are smokeless, very low in ash, easy to store and very clean for your household.