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Olive wood crateOlive wood crate

Olive Firewood Crate 400 kg

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Premium Olive Firewood Crate 400 kg, Sun dried Mediterranean olive hardwood.
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Premium Olive firewood, well seasoned, Sun dried Mediterranean olive hardwood arranged in sturdy 1 m3 original fruit boxes - crates weighing 400 kg. Extremely dense hardwood, long lasting, aromatic and very calorific, burns with golden embers, denser and hotter even than oak and beech firewood. It is very well dried with little moisture content between 10 -15%, ready to burn, suitable for burning in all wood burning appliances, open fires, fantastic choice of wood for cooking in cookers, BBQs, wood smokers due to the lovely aroma emitted during burning. The Olive wood firewood brings pleasant character to your fireplace, creates lovely atmosphere by releasing beautiful aroma and very high heat for long. It is economical choice of firewood due to its very dense characteristics, making it very economical type of wood for heating (fewer logs are used vs other species of wood available in Ireland). It is an eco friendly wood fuel, excellent choice of carbon neutral firewood, derived in the process of pruning and replanting on olive farms in the Mediterranean region.
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