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eco logs vs firewood intro

The eco logs are an Eco fuel that produces more energy per weight than regular firewood. This renewable wood fuel has less moisture content and thus is a more efficient home heating source than firewood. The compressed heat logs have moisture content less than 10% which is at least 3 times less than the moisture content in seasoned firewood (20% - 30%).

Eco heat logs are a new renewable source of heat for home heating, greener energy that brings many more benefits over traditional fossil fuels around Ireland and Europe.

One of the traditional solid fossil fuels - coal can be quite dirty to handle around the house, generates enormous amounts of non-reusable ash that adds an extra weight on our bin and can have environmental impact from its usage.

seasoned firewood resized

Firewood for burning in wood burning stoves or multi fuel stoves must be well seasoned and should have low moisture content before it is burnt in the appliance in order to avoid damage to your stove and chimneys.

The bigger the energy and heat output from your wood fuel, the better for your chimneys and wood burning appliance. Using quality wood fuels would keep your system dry and prevent the build up of tar or creosote, which can cause serious problems.

The extensive use of bituminous or smoky coal for home heating, which causes high levels of air pollution and formation of thick layers of fog during the winter season also known as winter smog, causing health problems according to health experts, led to the ban of bituminous (smoky) coal and its marketing, distribution and sale in certain areas, with the introduction of The Air Pollution Act from 1987.

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