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Pini Kay Briquettes 20 kgPini Kay Briquettes 20 kg

Pini Kay Briquettes Sample Pack

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Pini Kay Briquettes sample pack, 2 packs, 20 kg

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€ 32.00
€ 32.00
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Pini Kay briquettes sample pack, 2 packs, 20 kg, 24 logs. The Pini Kay wood briquettes are made of oak hardwood, burning with very hot flame, producing exceptional heat output due to the center hole providing extra air flow to sustain the combustion process. These heat logs are very dense and stay intact, do not swell nor expand while burning, easy to stack and do not roll inside the stove burning chamber.

The log size is - Length 23 cm and Diameter 6.5 cm, .

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