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Rocket Blaze Wood Briquettes Sample PackRocket Blaze Sample Pack

Rocket Blaze Wood Briquettes Sample Pack

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Rocket Blaze Wood Briquettes Sample Pack, 10 kg, 12 logs.
€ 10,99
€ 10,99

Rocket Blaze hardwood briquettes, 1 x sample pack of 5 logs, 10 kg.

High calorific pini kay briquettes (extruded  logs), with center hole for improved combustion, burning with great flame even in low air ventilated stoves. The smaller size of the log and the fact that they sustain the same shape, do not expand during burning, makes them great fuel even for smaller type of stoves. They create initial high boost of heat, good for stoves with back boilers and cookers, bringing the heating appliance quickly up to operational temperature. They are compact and easy to store, do not require large storage space. They produce very little ash, which can be used as fertilizer afterwards. The eco logs are suitable for open fires and closed appliances. Because of the higher heat produced and lower moisture, very compressed structure, these wood briquettes are better substitute for normal firewood.

The size of the briquettes is 250 mm x 65 mm x 65 mm.