Firewood for burning in wood burning stoves or multi fuel stoves must be well seasoned and should have low moisture content before it is burnt in the appliance in order to avoid damage to your stove and chimneys.

The bigger the energy and heat output from your wood fuel, the better for your chimneys and wood burning appliance. Using quality wood fuels would keep your system dry and prevent the build up of tar or creosote, which can cause serious problems.

Poor wood fuel can cause excessive creosote build up, which in turn can cause chimney fire - potentially dangerous for your life and property. The tar accumulated in your chimneys eventually would lead to expensive chimney service and repair.

Using quality firewood briquettes with guarantied very low moisture content, high heat output as well as low ash residue after burning is great wood fuel alternative for burning in wood burning and multi fuel stoves. The fire wood eco logs from will bring benefits to you and save you the trouble of incurring costs for expensive stove and chimney repairs. Burning quality wood briquettes will help your stove develop normal operational temperature and provide you with maximum heat output per volume compared to other types of wood fuels.

After all the firewood briquettes are recycled and environmentally friendly fuel for home heating, all natural eco fuel, made of 100% wood, no additives and safe to use in open fires as well as in wood burning stoves and closed appliances.