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Birch Hardwood RUF briquettes twin sample packBirch Hardwood RUF briquettes twin sample pack 20 kg

Hardwood RUF briquettes Sample Pack

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Hardwood RUF Briquettes Sample Twin Pack, 20 kg, 24 logs.
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€ 21,99
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Birch Hardwood RUF Briquettes Sample bundle, 2 x packs, 24 logs, 20 kg.

Dense brick shaped hardwood briquettes madde on original German RUF briquetting press from clean birch hardwood sawdust, suitable for all types of wood burning appliances and especially good for smaller stoves due to their compact shape. They can stack nice and neat inside the fire grate and do nor expand a lot. They burn long with steady and consistent flame, very low moisture ~4.2%, heat output: 18.7 to 19.5 MJ/kg (5.2 - 5.4 kWh/kg).

The dimensions of a single briquette are 150 mm x 90 mm x 65 mm.

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